About Roughneck's Saloon
Ginnie “GJo” Tamburelli and Mike “Cujo” Cuckow founded Roughneck’s Saloon, the largest bar and dancehall in Southern Colorado in 2010. Located on historic Main Street Aguilar, Colorado, they continue to run their establishment in the spirit of the 1930’s, when the bar and brothel across the street, connected by a maze of underground tunnels (some still in existence) was a legendary and infamous hideout known as “Little Chicago”, hosting such infamous gangsters and bootleggers as Al Capone. The bar today is popular as a hangout for both locals and visitors for fun times, cold beer, fabulous food, good music and great friends… as well as a hideout still from time-to-time.

def. noun | rough neck \ 'ref-,nek\
1. a) a rough or uncouth person b) rowdy, tough
2. a worker of an oil-well-drilling crew other than the driller; refer to definition of "oil-field-trash"
3. An uncouth, low IQ, blue-collar worker making more money than God, the average starting physician, lawyers, and engineers combined, yet having absolutely nothing to show for it, unless it's a monster truck or double-wide trailer because they spend most of their money on booze and women. Majority live on the run from the law, ex's, and/or hiding out a Roughneck's Saloon (Aguilar, Colorado) when they aren't working.
4. Roughneck women often have a chip on their shoulder and an inherent distrust or dislike of men that are kind, intelligent, or courteous and have tendencies to become violent if interrupted while drinking or sleeping.
5. known for their perverted sense of humor, frequent cussing, high pay, and as being some of the hardest working folks you'll ever know.
6. a hoodlum, a streetwise tough guy, typically found on Harley, bar floor, or passed out in their Peterbilt. Roughnecks usually have a chip on their shoulder the size of Arkansas.

Examples of roughneck in a sentence
1. This town is overrun by roughnecks.
2. That group of roughnecks love to hang out at that roadhouse, drink, and harass people.
3. Those roughnecks from Aguilar are always looking for a good time!


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